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Mindset, performance and manifestation mentoring to create world class results in the areas that matter to YOU!


Group Coaching & Mentoring Programs


Mindset Mastery Pro is Ben's live group coaching program! You get to connect with other like-minded members, be a part of live training calls, access past trainings and events; giving you the knowledge and tools to transform your life.

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Personal 1-1 Mentoring & Coaching

The opportunity for one-on-one coaching and mentorship with Ben is not for everyone.

It’s for a very specific person who wants the highest level of personalized mentoring and coaching. If you're looking to level up your self-mastery, master your mindset, take your habits to all new levels and ultimately become the next level version of LIFE!

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Rachel T

Ben’s teaching is profound and yet he communicates the message in a simple and clear manner. I appreciate how Ben has taught me to be more conscious my thoughts and feelings and how focusing on changing those thoughts and feelings can shift your whole perspective and manifest miracles in your life. I am very grateful for Ben’s teachings and how my life has changed for the better.


Nathan Thompson

Coaching with Ben has totally transformed my thinking and as a result my overall happiness! I used to get out of bed dreading the day, now I feel full of life, fulfilled and happy.

Ben has helped me get rid of allergies I've had my entire life(just by changing my beliefs), helped me get into the career I wanted and most importantly he's helped me believe in myself again.

Jodi D

I have had the same career for 21 years and knew I wanted a change. I had an idea but was unsure of how and where to start. Ben was the perfect guide to support me through changing my mindset, uncovering my passion and goals, and getting clear about where I want to go.

 Ben supported me in creating a plan and a clear path forward. I now have a YouTube channel and I am building an online course and coaching business. Instead of uncertainty and fear I am now excited for my future.

I cannot believe how much my mindset has changed in just a few short months! I have more self-love and self-compassion, more confidence, and clarity of purpose and goals. It has truly been life-changing! Thank you Ben!