As an avid student of never-ending personal, spiritual, and professional growth, I listened to countless hours of podcasts and audio programs. 

After some encouragement from a great friend, I decided back in 2020 to start my podcast, The Pursuit. The Pursuit is all about helping you create your best body, mind, spirit, and life.

I interview high-level and big-time achieving people in the areas of mindset, business, health, wealth, spirituality, and success. 

Some of the people I’ve interviewed in the past include:

Steve Siebold - Mental Toughness Expert

Dr. Eben Alexander - Neuroscientist & Consciousness Expert

Dr. Mindy Pelz - Fasting Expert

Eric Edmeads - Founder of Wildfit

Peggy McColl - Manifestation Coach



Your Money Mindset - Ben Spangl
Mental Toughness Secrets - Steve Siebold
How Fasting Can Change Your Life - Dr Mindy Pelz
Change Your Beliefs, Change Your World - Ben Spangl
A Neurosurgeonā€™s Journey into the Afterlife - Dr. Eben Alexander
Mastering Your Health - Eric Edmeads
Creating a Life You Love - Peggy McColl

The Pursuit Podcast Guest Inquiries