Change Your Beliefs, Change Your World

Episode #10

If you've been following our show for awhile, you'll know I'm all about how to shift your thoughts so you can create a different life and life experience.

This episode is  a recording from a seminar I did recently, all on the power of your beliefs, affirmations and what you are attaching to the 2 most powerful words in language : I am.

The power our beliefs have on our life is more than most people realize, our unconscious beliefs are the most dominant force in terms of what's controlling our behavior or our action and also our attraction. Belief governs behavior and the vibration/frequency our body is in.

If we can change our beliefs, we can truly change our world. In this episode we dive into:   
-how/when beliefs were formed
-how your beliefs create your world
-how to change your beliefs
-the power of I am and how to shift what you attach to it

Affirmations or the statements you make to yourself on a regular basis, become one of the main keys to change your life.

Your inner world creates your outer world.

Thoughts produce feelings which produce actions which produce results

Beliefs drive your habitual thoughts, so therefore if you can alter your beliefs, you can alter your habitual thoughts.

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