The Pursuit

The Pursuit

Hosted by: Ben Spangl

The Pursuit Podcast is made for the ambitious person who wants more out of life. More health, more wealth, more happiness and whole life success. I’m Ben Spangl, a mindset and performance coach, speaker, and...

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Clarity - The Starting Point Of Change

Episode #1

Download the Achieve Your Goals Visualization for FREE here Clarity equals power. In the pursuit of your best self and best life possible, it all begins with seeking clarity on: What do you want? Who do you want to...
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Your Money Mindset - The KEY To Lasting Financial Success

Episode #2

Your money mindset, financial blueprint or financial setpoint truly is the key to creating sustained financial success.Have you ever thought to yourself you're just not sure why you can't seem to figure out the money...
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Be Your Best w/ Bill Banta

Episode #3

"Success is not a secret, it's a system." Bill is a Senior Coach with Bob Proctor at Proctor Gallagher Institute, he's a successful entrepreneur, and a wonderful husband and father. He has worked with countless people...
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Goal Setting System

Episode #4

GOAL SETTING! This was a massive BREAKTHROUGH in my life, learning how to properly set and achieve BIG goals!This process ha been and continues to be an evolution for me. Working with ideas, learning new ones,...
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The Ant and the Elephant w/ Vince Poscente

Episode #5

You are going to LOVE this episode with Vince Poscente. I know a bunch of you are familiar with Vince, for those of you that aren't you are going to be SO glad you listened in to this.Vince is one of top speakers in...
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Creating a Life You Love w/ Peggy McColl

Episode #6

I am SO excited to have Peggy McColl as our guest for this episode. Peggy is a Prosperity Mentor, NYT best selling author, a coach to many, and has helped some of the biggest names in personal development with their...
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Trance-Form Your Life w/ Wayne Lee

Episode #7

Be prepared to trance-form your mind in this episode! I am super excited to bringing you a master in mindset and peak performance, Wayne Lee! Wayne is one of North America’s premier Corporate Presenters, Entertainers,...
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Inspiring Possibilities w/ Michelle Cameron Coulter

Episode #8

Welcome back! I'm excited to introduce you to my guest, Michelle Cameron Coulter.Michelle is a 6 time world champion AND an Olympic Gold Medalist in Synchronized swimming, best selling author, speaker, entrepreneur...
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12 Week Year w/ Brian Moran

Episode #9

You are going to LOVE this episode. Let me introduce Brian Moran, creator and co-author of the run away best seller and life changing goal execution system the 12 Week Year. The 12 Week Year in my opinion is the...
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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your World

Episode #10

If you've been following our show for awhile, you'll know I'm all about how to shift your thoughts so you can create a different life and life experience.This episode is  a recording from a seminar I did recently, all...
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Rich Habits w/ Tom Corley

Episode #11

Let me introduce you to Tom Corley, author, speaker, and creator of Rich Habits. Tom has authored several best selling books including: Rich Habits, Effort-less Wealth, Rich Habits for kids and my personal favourite -...
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From Blind to 7+ Figure Entreprenuer w/ Tiffany Julie

Episode #12

You are going to be blown away by this episode with my great friend Tiffany Julie.Tiffany is a 7 figure entreprenuer in various businesses, she's a world class coach in the areas of mindset, performance, health,...
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