Creating a Life You Love w/ Peggy McColl

Episode #6

I am SO excited to have Peggy McColl as our guest for this episode. Peggy is a Prosperity Mentor, NYT best selling author, a coach to many, and has helped some of the biggest names in personal development with their own books! Just to name a few people you'd recognize:
Robin Sharma, Neale Donald Walsch, Jim Rohn, Caroline Myss, Bob Proctor, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson and MANY more.

In this episode Peggy and I discuss her story and journey to the amazing life she's been living for quite some time now. We really dive into specific strategies that she has used and taught all around the world to help people create a life they truly love. We talk about one of her incredible tools she's created called the Power life script.

This interview is packed with tons of gold on helping you create an amazing life! If you're looking for more success, happiness, wealth, abundance, love, better relationships, better business/career, you name it. She gives you how you can really make quantum leaps in all those areas.

And I am so excited to have her talking about her BRAND NEW book Savy Wisdom. Just hearing a little bit about it you are going to want to go get a copy of her book today! You can find it on her website or on Amazon: