The Ant and the Elephant w/ Vince Poscente

Episode #5

You are going to LOVE this episode with Vince Poscente. I know a bunch of you are familiar with Vince, for those of you that aren't you are going to be SO glad you listened in to this.

Vince is one of top speakers in the world and one of the most in demand keynote speakers there is! He's a NYT best selling author of several books, an Olympian, one of only 4 people to be inducted into both the Canadian and USA Speakers hall of fame and MUCH more.

We talk about a bunch of Vince's philosophies and mental strategies that he's used to help coach and inspire thousands. As well as things that worked to take him from NEVER having ski raced professionally, to 4 years later being at the Olympic Games and being one of the top 10 ranked skiers in the world.

If you've listened to our previous episodes you know, at the Pursuit, we are ALL about your mind, mindset and how to make mental shifts that can make a dramatic difference in your life. Vince and I discuss some powerful strategies you can apply in your life right away to start making shifts and becoming that next version of you.

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