The Pursuit

The Pursuit

Hosted by: Ben Spangl

The Pursuit Podcast is made for the ambitious person who wants more out of life. More health, more wealth, more happiness and whole life success. I’m Ben Spangl, a mindset and performance coach, speaker, and...

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Working With The Law

Episode #13

The incredible Law of Attraction. What is it? How does it work? Does it work? In this episode I dive into deep explanations of it, what's happening and how to work it more in your favour. The Law is always operating...
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Developing Winning Habits w/ Ben Spangl

Episode #14

Why do some people seem to have it all while others can't seem to put any of it together?What makes the difference between the good and the great?How do you really transform your life over a period of time?One word:...
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Discovering More Of Who You Are w/ Howard Falco

Episode #15

This is a wonderful episode where I talk with spiritual teacher, author and mental performance coach Howard Falco. You’re really going to love this one, it’s the deepest we’ve gone into the spiritual side of things on...
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Overcome Any Obstacle w/ Alex Wisch

Episode #16

This is a JAM packed episode with one of the top Performance Specialists Alex Wisch.Alex's story is an incredible one of overcoming debilitating depression and completely changing his life in so many different...
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Wealth from the Inside Out w/ Chris & Marlow Felton

Episode #17

All transformation comes from the inside out. In this episode we dive into a subject that is so needed in so many people's lives today: MONEY!Let me introduce you to Chris & Marlow Felton.  Chris & Marlow are...
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A Neurosurgeon's Journey into Death, the After Life & Consciousness w/ Dr. Eben Alexander

Episode #18

Make sure to pull over or stop whatever you're doing to listen to this one, this is an episode you'll want to go back to many times because we cover a lot of great information! Let me introduce you to Dr. Eben...
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Life Lessons I've Learned

Episode #19

At the time of this recording I just recently turned 35, and as I often am reflective on milestone dates, this was similar yet different for me. It had me reflecting on some of my life lessons up to this point. Thank...
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Go BIG w/ Kristen Howe

Episode #20

I know so many of us want to have BIG things in our lives and you will love my guest today, Kristen Howe the Go BIG coach.She's the founder of, a speaker, coach, mentor to thousands and a PRO at...
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Developing Mental Toughness and Becoming World Class w/ Steve Siebold

Episode #21

GET READY FOR THIS ONE! With me on this episode is who I believe is the greatest authority on mental toughness and becoming world class, no other than STEVE SIEBOLDWhen I first started the podcast, Steve Siebold was...
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The Power Of Small Wins And Consistency

Episode #22

The power of small wins! What a concept that can help you create the feeling of winning, success and progress everyday!In the episode I talk about how to harness small wins and strategies to incorporate that into your...
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Mastering Your Health w/ Eric Edmeades

Episode #23

This is a PHENOMENAL episode packed with amazing stories, insights and tips on mastering your health.Eric Edmeades is a serial entreprenuer, who has built some incredibly succesful companies, has spoken and taught on...
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Redefining Health & Wellness w/ Jana Danielson

Episode #24

In this episode I interview Jana Danielson, an award winning health and wellness entrepreneur,  an Amazon Best Selling Author, owner of Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies, her bricks & mortar...
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