Rich Habits w/ Tom Corley

Episode #11

Let me introduce you to Tom Corley, author, speaker, and creator of Rich Habits. Tom has authored several best selling books including: Rich Habits, Effort-less Wealth, Rich Habits for kids and my personal favourite - Change Your Habits, Change Your life. Tom is a regular contributor to many media outlets, including: CBS Evening News, Fox News, The Dave Ramsey Radio Show, CNN, MSN, USA Today and many others. Just recently he was published in Success Magazine.

Tom spent years studying multi-millionaires and at the same time studying the poor too. What's unique about Tom is he is a CPA, CFP and runs his own financial services firm so he has a very technical, analytical background so the research is truly incredible.

What that led to, was a true understanding of the difference between the rich and the poor. What he found was the biggest difference was their habits, his research led to over 300 different behaviours and habits that the wealthy have. 

In this interview we talk about some of the core, keystone habits that can set you up for success, wealth, and a rich life. We dive into the neuroscience of habits, what's going on in your body/brain as you're forming new habits and so much more.

 This is one of my favourite interviews we've done yet, packed full of tangible value. 

Let's share this episode with as many people as possible, this kind of information can help people in such a big way.