Be Your Best w/ Bill Banta

Episode #3

"Success is not a secret, it's a system." 

Bill is a Senior Coach with Bob Proctor at Proctor Gallagher Institute, he's a successful entrepreneur, and a wonderful husband and father. He has worked with countless people all over the world, working with them on developing their potential and becoming their best selves.

Bill  grew up in a blue collar family, learning the way to "success" was to work hard alone, however wasn't achieving what he wanted. But fortunately for him, his wife had believed that he was capable of so much more. At a young age they made a decision to invest a large sum of money to them at the time into a program with Bob Proctor. That was 1993, 7 years later he was running his own company earning a 7 figure income. In this interview, Bill talks about the system to success, about the power of studying an idea, how to win the day, questions to help you really take inventory of this year, prepare for next year and SO much more.

I think you're really going to love this episode to help you level up your mindset, thought process, and mentality towards creating the life you want.

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