Inspiring Possibilities w/ Michelle Cameron Coulter

Episode #8

Welcome back!
 I'm excited to introduce you to my guest, Michelle Cameron Coulter.

Michelle is a 6 time world champion AND an Olympic Gold Medalist in Synchronized swimming, best selling author, speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of Inspiring Possibilities.

Obviously to be the world's best, you have to be world class. However Michelle is not just world class from her sports background, but a world class human being. We talk about her journey of being afraid of the water, to Olympic Gold Medalist. She shares one of the darkest times in her life and how one idea from her daughter inspired her on to all new heights, and led to the formation of her company she runs today.

Michelle shares the idea of everyone having their gold medal inside of them, she shares her ideas on success, overcoming the 'perfectionist' mindset, how to live an inspired life, and SO much more. 

Check her website for more info at: