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How to level up your manifestation process

Jun 08, 2023

We all want to manifest faster don't we? Odds are if you're reading this, you're thinking Yep, that's me! Bring on my goals and desires FASTER!

In this episode I dive into a simple strategy you can apply IMMEDIATELY to start leveling up the speed of your goals. Check it out!

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Today I'm going to be talking to you about a manifestation hack, a way to speed things up in your manifestation process.

You know that I'm all about answering the question :how do we level up in life?

I love how we can level up in the way that we think and change our mentality.

I love how we can level up in our peak performance strategies that help us get the best out of our mind, body, and spirit.

And I also love answering the question how do we activate the law of attraction more, said more correctly how do we activate it more DELIBERATELY! 

And how do we attract things into our life rather than always having to force, control and push things into our life, if you will.

You know, many people operate under the old belief of success that the only way to get successful is you must work super hard. And this is one of the obstacles to so many for attracting the success that they want and creating the life that you really want is a very.

It's a normal belief system that many people have is this idea is that the way to get successful is you have to work really hard. Now, there's nothing wrong with hard work. However, here's the catch.

If I have a deeply ingrained belief that the only way to get the results I want is to work really hard, but then I don't believe that I'm working as hard as I could.

Then there's a mismatch and my energy's misaligned. I don't have alignment with what I want because I, on the inside, I believe that I must work really hard to get what I want, but then when what I want, if I don't feel like I'm working as hard as I could be or should be towards that goal, then I have a secret expectation, a secret belief that what I want is out of reach because I'm just not a hard enough worker.

This may be wild advice to you and I want to share with you, you do not need to work hard in order to get what you want. Now, as I say that, I know many of you, especially if you're an achiever type, you begin thinking already, come on, are you kidding me? Of course, you have to work hard. Everyone that's successful is a hard worker.

And here's what I found, by the way, just to give you clarity on this too. In my own life, the first decade of my life was under the assumption that the only way to get what you want was work really hard. So guess what? I worked really hard and I got a decent level of success. Then I started to really understand though that, yeah, hard work can be valuable.

Don't get me wrong. And I had a belief that the way to get successful was work really hard. So what did that mean? Long hours. Long days. You know, everything. I mean, working lots. But then I realized that got me a limited amount of success. More importantly, for me personally, it got me a limited amount of happiness.

I was doing well. I was making about a quarter million dollars a year in our business. We were almost doing seven figures in revenue. Not quite. But really, I was not happy.

And more than that, I felt guilty anytime I was taking off, whether it was with my family or traveling or whatever, because I felt like I needed to be working because my belief, my ingrained belief, was that it took lots of hard work to get successful.

And then I started to shift this 2017, and I really started to understand I was already a student of the love of attraction. I was a student of the mind. But not to the degree that I am today. And I really started to shift things in 2017, and I have to tell you what was a, what happened next was truly amazing.

My entire life skyrocketed within a four month window when I was operating on this old belief. I was doing well, but I had plateaued and I just didn't feel like I wanted to work as hard as I was anymore. And so I wasn't making any progress. But then I started to shift this belief. I started to work with new ideas.

And my income's skyrocketed. Within four months, I took my annual income from about a quarter million upwards. It's 360,000 in four months back then. And I share that with you to understand that the only thing that changed in the next four months, I was not working any harder than I was previously. I was not doing more work in my business than I was.

The only thing that changed was I changed the way I was thinking about it and it was amazing what happened and then things continued to grow from there. So I'm excited to share with you this manifestation hack. How can you speed things up? How do you start to attract more of what you want? There's so many great teachers out there that we can study and listen to, and I've shared many of them before and, and some of my favorites.

And one of my favorites, I should say, is Dr. Joe Dispenza. And one of the great things that Dr. Joe teaches is this idea of gratitude. Now if you are been studying the law of attraction, you're not new to the idea of gratitude. If you've been studying personal development, you're not new to the idea of gratitude, but I'm gonna help you level up on the manifestation side of how do you actually apply this in your life.

I think intuitive. We all understand that the more grateful you are, the better you feel about your life. I mean, that makes sense. But what Dr. Joe teaches, he says, gratitude. The emotional signature of gratitude is that I already have this in my life. It's the state of receivership typically. When you are grateful for something in your life, it's because it already exists.

So you start feeling grateful about your spouse or your significant other. You start feeling grateful about your children, about the business you have, the job that you have, perhaps the money you do have, or the air that you can breathe, or the lungs that breathe the air, whatever it may be. And so typically when we're feel, when we're truly feeling grateful, not intellectually understanding it, but when we're truly feeling grateful, typically, It's because we focused on something we do have in our life.

So the manifestation hack, what's that? Well, number one, if you just feel grateful more often, you'll attract more things to be grateful for. This is a lot because the level of emotions you experience are the level of frequency you're vibrating on, and what shows up in your life is always an energetic match to the level you vibrate on your frequency or the awareness you're operating at.

So here we go. Let's jump in. How do you elevate your manifestation process? You have goals that you want. You have affirmations you're using. You're maybe even writing them if you're not. First step first is to write them. There are so much power in writing. Writing crystallizes your thought first and foremost, but also it activates the vibration of whatever it is you're thinking about more.

When you write. This causes you to think in pictures. When you think in a picture, this causes you to evoke an emotion and emotions. Show what frequency you're on, and also tell us what am I attracting in the moment. So there's so much power in writing. It's also a great way to influence and reprogram your subconscious mind.

And I could go on and on and on and on about writing, but the very first thing is begin writing it down. First and foremost, if you're not writing, begin writing. Don't just think it, make sure you ink it as well. But on top of that though, I'm gonna level it up for you. Here's the thing. So we've been.

Talking about gratitude. So one of the things I do with things that I'm working on creating is I used to write, I am so grateful now that, and that's pretty good. So if you're doing that, that's pretty good. What I found though was that that didn't allow me as much to get into the state of gratitude. Even though I was writing it, I wasn't necessarily experiencing the feeling of gratitude.

And the whole purpose of this is to get into the feeling state, because when I'm in the feeling state, Of my desire, or as Neville Goddard used to put it, the wish fulfilled, the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Now, I'm attracting that into my life experience. So the way that I wanna help you with is leveling up, is to begin.

It's a simple strategy, but it is a hack. It's gonna help you speed things up. It's gonna help you attract more of the good you want into your lives to begin your goals and affirmations with. Thank you. Thank you. So as you're writing it, thank you. Now that, and then whatever it is. Thank you for now that I'm in the best health shape and fitness of my life.

And allow yourself to feel the emotion of gratitude. Feel the thankfulness. Thank you. Now that money comes to me in increasing quantities, thank you that my business and income streams are forever increasing. Thank you that I have the perfect relationship in my life and it came to me with ease. Thank you.

That I have an incredible relationship with my kids and I'm becoming a better husband and father, thank you for whatever it is, but the act of writing. And then to literally begin it with, thank you. Now that I thank you that this is happening in my life to begin with. Thank you. Now, you may ignore this and say, oh, that's what's, uh, what's the point?

Try it out. My point is try it out. Go test it out. Put it into practice. Put it into play. And I'm telling you, you're gonna notice if you do this consistently, you start doing this daily. You're gonna notice that things start to show up quicker, more good is starting to flow into your life experience, and you'll begin manifesting the things that you want a faster way.

I've watched it in my own life, I've watched it in other people's lives, and it can happen for you too. We all have access to the exact same power. You're no different than me, and we're no different than anybody else in that way. We've all got access to the same power. So thank you. Now that, and put that into your life.

I want you to test it out. I'd love to hear from you as you use it over the next 30, 60, 90 days. What's going on? How are things showing up in your life? And I'm gonna give you one reminder on this stuff. I love sharing this too. Here's what we ha always have to remember when you are creating your goals, your vision, your dreams, desires and intentions, the things that you want in your life.

Your job, you as the individual, your job is to focus on one question. What is it that I want? Well, we can use two questions. What do I want? And then why do I want it? But your job is not how, and your job is not. When that's the job of the universe, that's the job of something much greater than you and I.

So when we write this, don't try and force it that it must happen by a specific date. Because often what you'll do is you'll create resistance, which I'm gonna do a whole nother video on of resistance and blocking the flow of good in your life. But for now, just make sure you're not trying to control the how and the win instead.

Thank you that this has happened right in the present tense or even past if you want to, but at least that it's already happened in my life or it's happening in my life and practice beginning your affirmations, your goals, your visions with. Thank you. On that note, thank you for being here today. Make sure you follow and subscribe.

Leave a comment. Leave a review. I'm happy to have you if you have not downloaded my 90 day Vision, purpose and Goals workshop workbook part of me. Make sure you click the link in the notes here to get that and you can start working through some of this as well. I'll see you soon.

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