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Are You Pushing Success Away?

May 24, 2023

If you think about the idea in magnetism, it either attracts something to it or repels it based on its polarity. 

Have you ever felt like success was eluding you? That you're a good person, you work hard, but it's just not coming together for you?

I know I have. I remember feeling perplexed at times why it wasn't coming together for me.

It took me several years, but overtime I began to learn this idea that if you can attract success, money, relationships etc. The opposite of that must mean you can REPEL it too!

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Back to this idea. Attracting or repelling?

Another way to say it would be, Power vs Force?

In physics if you put force on an object there is a counter force, a push back!

Life seems to work this way too. 

It's one of the interesting things about building a successful, happy and fulfilling life. Sometimes the harder you try, the more it eludes you.

I want to explain how this could be showing up for you in a couple way.

Often you might feel like I am thinking about what I want all the time but it's not happening!

Typically what I have found is when this is the case, usually your focus is not on already being or having the thing you desire, but instead the lack thereof.

Ie. "I want more money" but I feel broke, or I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck anymore

These are both examples of how although your underlying intention is for more, your focus is on lack or not having.

You always attract what you CONSISTENTLY think and feel.

Here's another way you can push success away.

NEEDING IT. I listened to a great interview with Matthew Mcconaughey recently and he described this so well. 

Matthew was struggling in his acting career and NEEDED a new role. He had a mentor that told him you will NEVER get that because you NEED it. The producer can SMELL the need on you.

Maybe you can relate, most of us have had someone in our life that is super needy, and it pushes you away.

So what do you do about this if you've been pushing your success away?

Get back to basics, realign your energy.

Get your meditation program going, get your journaling going, get a new vision, get around people living life at a higher level, get in the right environment.

Your life changes when you change.

With love always,


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