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How to create MORE time in the day

Feb 08, 2023

It seems like most of us lead busy lives.


We're busy in our businesses and our careers. We're busy with our partners. We're busy raising families. We're busy with grandkids. We're busy with this, busy with that. Busy.



However in all of that busyness there is certainly time that we can become more effective with. In the busyness of life, if we want to create a free life, our ideal life, a life we love, I am 100% absolutely convinced that becoming more productive and effective is a major key in doing so.


I remember when I was a young entrepreneur, willing to work 7 days a week, willing to stay at the office until 10 or 11pm. What's funny is as I look back at that young man, although I was 'willing to pay the price', or 'hustling', or 'payin my dues', the truth is I was incredible ineffective and not productive. I was away from my home for hours yes, but I was not putting a lot of work into those hours.


As I really invested myself into personal growth and development, I started learning from great mentors and minds. At the early point of my personal growth journey it was people like Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins & Dale Carnegie.


There was one idea that really stuck with me, and although I may not have practiced as much as I do today. It made an impression on me.


It's the concept of NET time. NET - no extra time. All of us have things in our lives that we are doing that give us space to be doing things that move our lives forward while we are engaged in that activity.


Quick example, as I'm writing this right now I am sitting on a plane en route to Mexico for a few days. I know I'm not going to be answering phone calls, doing appointments, coaching or doing any of the things I may be doing in my normal business day. So rather than just watch movies the whole time, I use this time to get things done that I love.


I am on the plane anyways, why not use this time to move my life forward and hopefully help you think about where you can use this same idea in your own life.


Here's another example, when you're working out at the gym or on the treadmill, you can easily be listening to a podcast or audio program. No extra time.


Out for a walk? Listen to a great YouTube or audiobook.


Driving in your car? This is one of my favorite times to make phone calls to my team, I'm driving already. I don't need to be in front of my calendar or computer or anything like that. I'll often call some one I haven't talked to in a while when I'm driving in my car. NET.


These are just a few quick examples, I know there are many more that we could use. The whole point is this; if you find yourself thinking you are busy, why not create the space where you can use some of the time that's already 'busy' doing something, and stack it with an empowering action or behavior that helps you live more of the life you want.


Why not use that time to help grow your mind and develop yourself? Why not use the time in your car to build better relationships with your business associates, or your friends, or your family. You're at the gym, strengthening your body. Listen to something uplifting or educational and strengthen your mind too.


To be clear, I'm not trying to suggest that every single waking moment need be occupied with something like this.


 I'm just talking about taking time to think, where could I become more productive and effective with this? Where might I be able to use this? How does this apply to my life?


NET time brings us closer to our ideal future and our ideal life when we use it well.









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