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How To Maximize Performance In Your Craft

Feb 15, 2023


As I write this, I'm on a long flight home right now, about 6 hours. Have had an amazing time working away on my creative projects.


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Did a great hour and 20 minute meditation. Studied and read from some books I'm into right now. Had a deep journaling session. Came up with great ideas. Created a new coaching program. So many wonderful things.


Now I'm hitting the end of my cycle. I can feel myself fading. Probably pushed it a bit too long on the creative side.


For most of us we work best in cycles.


The science of peak performance today says 60-120 min intervals.


I subscribe to this school of thought too.


I find my best work is when I put in 90 to 120 mins of focused work. Then I go do something different and take a break.


Although I can push through and keep doing more, it's not usually my best work and it tends to tire me out.


However a cycle of 60-120 mins and then onto something different. Switching it up, taking a break. Keeps me fresh and focused.


Here's some ideas on how to break up your work after a cycle:


Go for a quick walk

Do some breathing

Do a quick visualization or meditation


Get a snack


Talk to a friend or loved one

Spend time with your spouse or kids

Do some push ups or sit ups

Get outside and get some sunlight

Have a glass of water or green tea

Listen to some great music

Get away from the computer and phone


I know there is many more things but those are just a few to get started. Come up with your own list of things you enjoy doing that can break up your day.


You're going to get way more done and feel way better at the end of the day and all throughout it.


May this year be your best,


Ben Spangl



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