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I Failed Miserably...

Apr 26, 2023

It's 2009-  I'm sitting in my office, stressing myself out. Thinking about how it's not happening. How no matter how hard I'm working it's not coming together.

When is this ever going to happen for me? I know it's possible but it's just not happening.

Guess what?

I struggled for the next couple years, living a life of just getting by. Not traveling, not saving, not being able to do what I really want, and stressing myself out all the time.

I was stuck in what I think is the greatest trap of all, the greatest pitfall that almost all of us fall into.

Focusing on what is.

Telling the story of what is.

Thinking I am thinking (which I was not).

The truth is what I was doing was this, telling the story of how I don't want things to be. It was easy to tell that story. That's what my current results were. That's what was happening in my life, RIGHT NOW.

But because I kept telling the same story, I kept creating the same reality. It wasn't until I started to tell a better story that my life started to change.

What about you? What's the story you keep telling of what is? What's the story you keep telling of your past?

Here's the most important life lesson we can ever learn in my opinion.

You become what you think about.

In other words, your life becomes the reality of the story you keep telling, so if you keep telling the story of what is, you keep creating more of the same.

What's a new story you can tell today? What's the story that makes you feel better? What's the story that moves towards what you want rather than what you don't want?

You're the author. You get to decide.



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