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Prosperity & Abundance

Apr 05, 2023

Who doesn't want to create more financial prosperity and abundance!

This is a big subject we'll be covering on April 15th at Vibe Higher

I have been fascinated by the subject for years. How do you create more financial abundance in your life?

When I first started studying these ideas, I wasn't very clear on how to go about doing this. I read about, I watched youtube and I thought I understood it. But here's the thing, I was not experiencing it.

One of the most important things I've realized in life is that if you're not experiencing it, then you do not truly know it. So I kept working at it and studying. Learning and applying.

Things began to change for me a few years later. My income skyrocketed. I went from never having money to being able to save big money and do the things I wanted to do.

Today I want to share with you some of the best lessons I've learned about prosperity and abundance.

1) Everything in life is energy, including money. Many people carry negative energy around the area of money. Often feeling like it's a struggle or I only ever have enough. Here's the lesson in this one, if your energy(feeling) around money is in any way a feeling of lack or not enough, you will continue to create the circumstances to stay stuck in that cycle.

The key to breaking free from that is learning to practice feeling how you think you'd feel if you had the money you wanted.

2) Abundance doesn't often show up as just money. What I mean by that is this, it can happen where actual money just shows up. You find some, you win some, you inherit some.

Typically the way abundance shows up though is as OPPORTUNITY! When you're seeing greater prosperity in your life, start paying close attention to the opportunities that are coming your way and then being willing to ACT on them!

3) There is no magic number. I used to think that once I made $10,000 a month then I would feel prosperous. Then I got there and realized it's not a lot different than $5000 a month. Then I thought ok, once I was making $_____ then I'll really feel it. 

I learned pretty quickly that there is no magic number, it doesn't matter how much you make or how much you have that is determining the way you feel about money. You think that if you had more you'd feel differently. 

It's the opposite though, once you start to FEEL differently you start to attract and HAVE more. 

This is not the way we've been taught or programmed, yet I've found this to be the truth in my life.

4) My last thought for you today on this subject is this: prosperity follows passion.

When you're following the calling in your heart, when you're doing the thing you would REALLY LOVE to do. It's amazing how prosperity starts to come your way.

When you are truly passionate about what you do and it's something you love so much you'd do it even if you had all the money in the world, it opens up the doors of prosperity!

Why is that way? Because you FEEL so good about it, because you're in alignment with your true self.

I believe we are all meant to live the abundant life, the prosperous life, the good life.

As much as it's about learning and adopting these ideas, it's also about unlearning and letting go of old thinking that no longer serves you.

I hope you enjoyed today and I am sending all the prosperous vibes your way!

If you've been enjoying my content and want to take your life to a new level I want to invite you to join me at Vibe Higher on April 15th in Edmonton, AB. In person tickets are going quick, so get yours now before they're sold out!

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Your partner in life success,


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