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Tapping Into Your Power

May 17, 2023

If you've been with me for awhile, you know I believe in my heart that you can be, do and have anything you desire. The number one obstacle to your success is nothing outside of you, but instead limitations that you've grown to believe and accept in your mind!

I recently released a brand new video and podcast on 3 Questions to Change Your Life. These 3 questions I believe are ones that if you will take the time to dive into them, have the impact of starting your life in a whole new trajectory! Check it out!

Our mind is full of beliefs, some that serve us, and MANY that don't. The biggest belief that most of us have bought into is that somehow, we are limited, that somehow what others can do, we cannot.

That is total BS! Bullshit or belief system however you choose to view that haha!

The truth about you is that you are an Infinite Spiritual Being. Because you are Infinite that means you are LIMITLESS! 

My guess is there is a part of you that knows this to be true. That you already believe that on some level.

The challenge is, it may be covered up by all your past experience and life up to this point. Assuming that your past is your reality is a major pitfall on your journey to the life you want.

Reminder, you are not your past. You are not what you have or even what you do. You can decide to be whoever you want!

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