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What If You Believed This?

Apr 12, 2023

One of the paradigms I've worked at replacing, however, still fall back into at times, is leaving just enough time to get somewhere.


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About a month ago I had an appointment at 11am, it finished around 11:20am. I hadn't packed for my flight yet later today, 2:40pm. Normally not a big deal, however I had a very important zoom call to be on at 1pm.


Lots of time, no problem. I wasn't feeling terrific and was fairly cold so I told myself I'll go have a quick hot tub session after I pack. It was nice.


I'm out, getting dressed. Getting all my last-minute things. (I know some of you this is stressing you out already haha, we all work differently!)


I get into my car at 12:17, the airport is about 20 minutes away. I get to the parking spot where my wife had prebooked my parking. It's 12:33. I need to get to the airport now, through security and on top of all of this, the company I'm going to speak for booked my flights. For some reason I could not check in online, so I needed to go to the counter and get an actual ticket.


I almost never check luggage so that wasn't going to be an issue.


As I'm driving, I'm thinking to myself. I hope this works, I hope I can be there in time. I might need to call the group and tell them I'll be a few mins late. NO. I interrupt that thought and start picturing getting through the airport easily, getting through security with ease, and being in the lounge with time to spare to set up my call. I have the belief that: things always work out for me!


Well, I pull up to the parking service, I’m the only person there. Shuttle is there and ready to go, takes 2 minutes and we are off. While I'm driving, I think oh crap, I don't have my wallet! Don't have my ID. The quick panic was settled by relief. My wife had texted me earlier, remember your Nexus card. So because of her I had grabbed it and had it in my pocket, along side a new credit card I just got mailed in that hadn't made its way into my wallet yet. Things always work out for me.


 So we're in the shuttle, about a 5 min drive. He drops me off at the front of the Edmonton airport. I walk in to get to Westjet and go to the counter. THERE IS NOT A PERSON IN LINE!


Walk right up, talk to the wonderful lady, she gets me my ticket. Then I head to security. There is no one ahead of me, I scan my boarding pass, there is a couple behind me. Then I get stopped to ask for my Nexus card, I get it out and the couple behind goes ahead and past me. Now get this, a security worker comes up to them and asks them to go to the side for random screening! They jumped ahead of me because I was slightly delayed getting out my Nexus card. So, I bypass the extra screening! Things always work out for me.


I get through security right away, no line for me at all. One hiccup, my laptop gets flagged in the security screening and I have to wait for them to test it. This was the time I felt the most rushed because I'm not sure if you've had this experience, however it seems that often the security staff at airport are not in a rush to get around to things haha. There's 2 bags ahead of my laptop, but it all gets sorted and done.


I head up towards the lounge, then realizing I don't have my credit card that gets me in because I left my wallet! I picture me telling them I don't have it but I can give them my number, hoping that will work. Then I have an even better thought. I visualize there being no one at the front desk so I can just walk in and get set up for my call.


Well, you guessed it. I get upstairs, no one is at the front desk. So I walk right in and go get set up. 3 minutes to spare and I am good to go for my call. Things always work out for me!


I share this story with you because you know I’m big on beliefs. Our beliefs become our reality. If you haven't adopted the belief that things always work out for me, I'd recommend it. Test it out.


In order to turn a thought into a belief, it's a relatively simple process. Repetition. A belief is just a repeated thought. Repeat a new one over and over and you will develop it.


Now, I know you could easily say it's just coincidence. I've learned that the universe doesn't work that way though. Our world is a reflection of us. If you change you, you change your world and the way your environment shows up.


Talk soon,

Ben Spangl

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