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What If You Tried This?

Mar 02, 2023

One of the things I've noticed about life, is that it just keeps moving. No matter how much we resist it at times, life keeps going on.

That being said, life is going to keep moving on long past the time that you or I are here, so why not learn how to LOVE the time we have on this planet, in this body.


 I want to share with you a life hack to help you become more productive and happy.. Helping you accomplish more with less time.


I think you'd agree with me that if you could get more done with less time this would allow you to enjoy your life more.


If you could accomplish better results with less time, then it makes sense you'd have more time to do more of the things you love.


Let's dive right in, how can you get more done in less time.


Turn off your phone.


This may sound crazy to you need your phone for your business or career however I've found it is one of the greatest hacks we can use for productivity.


The average person is spending 4-6 hours a day on their phone right now. FOUR TO SIX HOURS A DAY!


Now, this alone should be reason to get off your phone a bit. However there is so much more.


Phones today are designed to have you completely addicted. Why? Well if you're addicted to your phone you're going to be in a stress because your dopamine centers are all over used.


If you're stressed out you're going to become more of a consumer then, you'll want to fill this empty void because of your stress. So you'll buy things. You'll shop for something that can make you feel better.


Marketers know this, phone companies know this. So they work together to create an incredible distraction device and marketing device to keep you completely hooked, like an addict. More stress, more spending, more money for them.


If you want to become way more productive, make sure to have your phone off for 2-3 hours a day and do real focused work. This one habit alone will make you a lot of money and make you a lot happier.


The thing about phones today is they hijack your dopamine centres. Every time a ding goes off, an email, a like, a text, a phone call, a notification. Your dopamine centre lights right up and you get a hit.


Dopamine, the pleasure chemical. Think of any drug. It hits different neurotransmitters and gives you a pleasurable feeling. IF you repeatedly take the drug, you become addicted and your body craves it. It needs more of it to feel that sensation.


Well phones today are a life damaging drug. They have their place. I'm on mine lots, more than I'd like to be. And I am fanatical about turning it off different times in the day to break free.


Try it out for the next couple weeks. Schedule some time with your phone off entirely, not notifications silenced. But off. Where no one can call you or text you. Or leave your phone in your car so you can't get it. Or leave it downstairs while you are upstairs with your family. Just some ideas for you.


Turn off your phone more and you will improve your productivity and your happiness.


Try it out.


Your partner in life success,

Ben Spangl


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