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Why Did This Happen?

Mar 23, 2023

Why did this happen?

The universe responds to your dominant thoughts and intentions. That's why.

I just had an incredible experience that manifested and I want to share it with you. 

As I was doing a walking meditation the other day on the beach in Maui, the phrase ‘May the greatest possible outcome happen in my life’ came up. 

I realized wow, could you have a more powerful thought and affirmation? I don’t think so!

Once hearing it, I adopted it right away. Journaled on it. Started thinking it over the next few days and some wonderful things happened. 

I want to share one with you.

First, we’re flying home from Hawaii on the Sunday. We get to the airport early, easy check in. TSA Pre (like Nexus in Canada) so we glide through security. One of the smoothest airport transitions I’ve had. 

Then we have a nice lunch and ice cream with our kids. Next go to our gate. Get set up to wait, flight is delayed, and they can’t give us any more info. 

I end up with this feeling, this intuition, the flights going to be canceled. Not that I wanted it, I wasn’t attempting to manifest that or attract that, however I just seemed to know it would. 

Sure enough a few more delays and then 2 hours later that’s exactly what happens. So we get on the phone to rebook our flight. That takes a bit, get our luggage, and then go to figure out what the options are. 

Turns out it’s Presidents’ Day tomorrow in the US and most of the hotels are sold out. The line for the airline was not moving and was stagnant. We meet up with some friends of ours who were on the same flight and have two daughters like us.

We find one of the last Air BnB’s available for the night, it’s $1500(more than we wanted to pay) but didn’t have a lot of options. Looks beautiful. We agree to get it together, get a couple Uber’s and we’re there. 

Turns out to be an EPIC spot. Worked out better than we could have imagined. Kids had an amazing time, we did too and it was WAY better than we could have planned. 

The next morning my wife and I are talking about how we should rent this place again, come back. So we start looking at Air BnB. To rent it next month is now $4800 a night!!

How the heck did we attract this place for a fraction of the cost?!? I know it could have been because it was last minute. My point is, it was the greatest possible outcome. 

We had the best time, it was way better than any of us could have ever planned and it was truly a blessing. 

Try out that affirmation. Thank you for allowing the greatest possible outcome to unfold for me


My life is working with the greatest possible outcomes

Or May the greatest possible outcomes happen for me

The Universe, Source, God, The Field. Whatever you wish to call it, it’s listening and will respond to your thoughts and emotions. Give it a try. 

What do you have to lose!?

Your partner in life success,

Ben Spangl

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