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You Might Be Overdue...

Apr 19, 2023

I don't think it's a secret that your life is a product of your habits. There are different kinds of habits that are creating your life.

Habits of thought.

Habits of emotion/feeling.

Habits of doing.

Habits of not doing.

and.... habits of attraction.

If this is the case, that our life becomes the product of our habits. Why don't we upgrade our habits more often?


It is so easy to get stuck in autopilot, a loop of unconsciousness. Repeating the same days, same weeks, same months, same life year over year.

I want to share with you some ideas on how you can change this.

First things first. Pick an area of your life you actually want to change.

It starts with a decision to CHANGE!

Step two, decide on a new thought pattern that you could create as a mantra or affirmation.

Let's say you decided to change your health, you may start with an easy statement like:

I am becoming the healthiest version of myself. 


I want to be in the best health, shape and fitness of my life. (my current thought by the way)

Step three, what's the action you're going to take today or this week that can be sustainable long term. ie. workout 3x this week, save $x a day, get up at 5:30am. 

Step four - put it in your schedule and do it just for this week, or just for today.

Step five - repeat this process each week.

It's easy to get discouraged when you think about having to form this over the next 90 days or 6 months, but if you just focus on what you can and will do TODAY or what you can and will do THIS WEEK!

It becomes easier. Easier to commit to just getting up at 530 today, easier to commit to just working out today, easier to commit to just saving X$ today.

You get the idea.

When's the last time you built a new habit? When's the last time  you made a big shift in your life?

Maybe it's time to challenge yourself a bit, maybe it's time to get outside your comfort zone and what you've known up to this point. Maybe it's time to change your life.

Your partner in life success,

Ben Spangl

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